Thursday, 20 January 2011

Newspaper Task ( Practicing using Camera)

The aim of this excercise was to film somone reading a newspaper in a thrilling and exciting way by creating an atmosphere of suspense and mystery in a minimum of 12 shots.We had to use a variety of camera shots and film the footage through the choice of shot distance, choice of camera angle and movement of the character.

We first had to make a plan and decide what each shot would show and what type of shot would be used.
The plan for our film was about :
- A man Running to find a Newspaper. This would be shown using a tracking shot of the man running & also a low angle shot to his feet.
-The man Turning straight to the back of the newspaper to play Sudoku.This would be shown using both a mid shot and an over the shoulder shot.
-The man would come across a murder headline story. This would be shown using both an over the shoulder shot and a close up.
-Close up of the man's eyes. Shown using a close up.
-The man would then circle the Headline of the Murder story. This would be shown through a point of view shot and a close up and the film would conclude with a close up of the title of the newspaper.

The roles with our group was:
Adam- The person Filming.
John- The Man that reads the newspaper.
Michaela- The Director.
Millan- Acting

When we all came to an agreement on the context of the footage and the type of shots that would be used we then began filming. Unfortunately as we did not have enough time and half way threw filming changed our idea we were unable to complete filming this footage.
The next lesson , we were given the opportunity to film the remaining of the previous footage. Unfortunately a member of our group , who was one of the main characters within the footage was absent so we then had to plan a new idea and replace the main character from the previous footage.

This was the end result:

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