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When looking at film openings, you will find that every film use different font types to show the title of the film.

There are basically two types of fonts:

1. SERIF FONTS- such as Times and Courier
Serif fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal than sans serif fonts.

2. SANS SERIF FONTS- such as arial and Comic Sans
Sans Serif fonts are generally more informal, more modern and more " friendly".

Rocky used the font FRANKLIN GOTHIC HEAVY. Through the use of this font we can see that it is Big, bold and heavy which suggests that it wants to grab the audiences attention. Through the use of Capital letters,it makes the title stand out making it more eye catching then other film titles. Also,  the use of Capital letters makes the title more memorable to the audience. You could also say that the title is simple. This shows that as it is  a 1 word title it enables the audience to remember the name of the film. The use of the font also links in with the character of Rocky. As the character Rocky is simple, the title also reflects his character.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter used the font HARRY P for their title , which was designed using the programme Photoshop. Through the use of this font it shows uniqueness as it is different from any other film titile, it is a good sized font, bold and not so heavy as it uses a lighter colour ( silver) to make the title pop out in contrast with the dark background. In comparison to Rocky, Harry Potter uses both Capital and lower case letters for the title which doesn't make it so much in the audiences face. The use of the font also links in with the character Harry as the font informs the audience that Harry is a wizard.The lightning bolt used for the letter "P" is both creative and effective as the lightning bolt corresponds and links in with the birth mark on Harrys' forehead. Already through the creative use of this font, the audience already gets an idea of what the film is about.

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