Friday, 8 April 2011

Samarge's feedback to nameless

Q.6- Audience Feedback Continued After the Showcase At the Screen on the Green.

Below shows videos showing audiences feedback about what they thought about Our thriller film 'Nameless'. The people I interviewed gave their honest feedback about what they thought and suggested possible ways in-which we could improve and make it better for the future. Enjoy :)

Q.7- What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Below shows an animatic movie illustrating the technology that we encountered along the process of creating both pur Prelim short film and Our thriller opening sequence.  Within the animatic movie you will hear a voice-over where we describe how we conquered using different forms of technology. Enjoy :)


Evaluation Feedback Interview

I interviewed 4 people who had seen our thriller opening and asked them what they thought about it.

Q.1) What do you think of the our thriller opening film ?
A)    I really enjoyed it. It kept me suspense from the beginning to the end which is why i love movies like that. The story was very believable, it is a type of movie you would see in the real movies. Very dramatic and keeping the audience awake waiting for something happening. I liked the black and white effects in the beginning which you only saw the colour red which was only when the lift was coming down and it said the 'ground floor' and the 'blood' on the shirt which was very dramatic. Also i liked the ending when the 3 people walked into the room and the man was there waiting with objects and it ended there. I wanted to see what would happen next which kept me excited.

Q.2) Any negative stuff about the opening film ?
A)    It wasn't so clear when the 3 people walked into the building separately. The camera was shaking and you couldn't really be able to see the actors and actress face expression.

Q.3) What kind of target audience is the movie aimed at for ?
A)    Mostly the people who watch thriller and action movies. Very suitable for teenagers above 15 and for young adults. The certificate says 15 anyways. But i'm guessing teenagers under 15 would love to watch this as well.

Q.4) Any favourite parts of the thriller opening ?
A)    My favourite part was the end when the scary guy just kept having objects in his hand and pouring liquid onto the floor which made me think what is he doing and who is he. Then when the 3 people were following the signs which they the actors and actress didnt know where it would lead them and made the audience think the same, we had no clue. We just waiting for something dramatic to happen. Then when they walked in to the room. You could see the scary guy looking at all 3 which they were all scared. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Evaluation Q.3 The Audience For My Product

Jonathan Peters is a 19 year old who studies business marketing and law. He has enjoyed to watch thriller and action movies ever since he first saw the movie 'Hitman' He likes films which excite him with a lot of action which keeps him awake and be anxiety to what is going to happen next. He lives in a central area in London. He travels to university on the weekdays which is in Bedford and stays from monday to friday. On the weekends he has free time to go out with his mates, play football in the local park and go to bars or clubbing.
What he wears is what a typical teenager would. The latest brand clothes from Franklin and Marshall, Superdry or Ralph Lauren. He would normally wear a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Chinos from Franklin and Marshall and Converses or Vans. He likes to describe himself as a fashionable boy.
I would say Jonathan fits in perfect as a target audience of my film 'Nameless' The movie is authorised for viewers above the age 15 and he enjoys films such as action thriller. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation, Question 8; What have you learned in the progression from your preliminary task?

Before the creating our thriller, ‘Nameless’ we were given a preliminary task. The prelim task was basically a practice run, to enable us to learn about different camera angles, how to use a camera and what not to do when using a camera. We made many mistakes whilst creating our prelim but these mistakes helped us to improve and develop and if you were compare our prelim to our final product you will see how we developed.

Narrative; before creating our prelim we had no narrative, we did not plan or brainstorm any ideas we just did everything spontaneously and improvised with what we had. This is very different to our final product being that we spent a long duration of time planning ideas, brainstorming ideas, sourcing different props and different locations. What makes ‘Nameless’ so authentic is the fact that the opening is purely driven by its suspenseful narrative, this is something that our prelim task definitely did not have.

No Genre; because of the absence of narrative, there were no narrative conventions that were represented in our prelim and because of this you are not able to figure what genre it fits in. This is very different to ‘Nameless’ because, the film score, the characters, the instant arousal, the quick edits and the narrative all represent the thriller genre.

Title Sequence; Our prelim, lacked visual qualities because of its simplistic title sequence, in ‘Nameless’ we used a stylized font to fit with the entire theme and representation of the story line. However in our prelim, we rushed and picked any font within the category in ‘LiveType’, instead of sourcing other fonts.
You can definitely see the difference in the stylised element of the two fonts, 'Nameless', represents more of a brand.

The order of the title sequence in our prelim is also something that we learned about, we learned that the sequence that we used was the wrong order. The correct order for a sequence is; the production company 'CandiStudios', the actors/actresses, the music editor,the film editor, the writer and finally the director. As you can see here, we did not use this order for our prelim.

Mise en Scene; For our thriller we used props such as, a Blackberry,artificial blood, coins, white paint, a table,a chair an upmarket flat and our college's basement. The props used for our thriller made our narrative, without it our thriller would not make any sense. The locations used helped to represent the social group of city proffessionals, this is very different to our prelim being that the location that we used did not represent a social group. The only props that we used in prelim was the props that were provided by our media teachers, for instance, the table and chairs in glass. The lighting in our prelim was extremely bright, it effected some of our shots being that we were unable to see the leading character.

 Here is some examples of props used in our thriller opening.

                                Here is an example of the classroom that we used in our thriller.

Camera Shots; In the prelim we did not edit shots correctly, many of the shots skip and some are too long, a good example of this is when the leading character is walking down the hall way, this scene  is too long, it had nothing to do with the narrative and personally i thought that after watching it i became bored. Originally the idea was to do this so that the audience question where she is going but it did not need to be as long as it was. For 'Nameless' there is a similar scene when the characters meet in the basement, what makes this scene different from our prelim is the fact that we used a quick edit, the edit allowed the audience to see the 'Nameless' caller doing various actions, what made this more effective than the prelim was how the suspense was built and how we kept the audience entertained by making transitions from shots.

Soundtrack; Another difference between our prelim and our final thriller opening is the soundtrack. The sound that we used for our prelim did not relate to the narrative and we only used it in the beginning. In our final product we created a variety of non digetic sounds, for instance; the coin sound, the door slamming, the texured , atmospheric, suspensful, droning sound use in the backingground and the quick violins.In our prelim we did not use any sound to emphasize every day actions , like closing a door.

In my conclusion i would like to say that we learned and progressed from our prelim and this is shown through our different props, locations, characters, locations and sound.


Evaluation, Question 7: What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When creating our thriller we used a variety of, different types, of technology. The technology we used ranged from internet websites , such as 'Google', 'Youtube' and 'Blogger'. We also used Apple software, such as, 'Final Cut Pro', 'Soundtrack Pro', 'HandBrake' and 'LiveType'.

Before creating our thriller we used the internet to do research on other successful, thriller, movies to get some inspiration. 'Google', was the search engine we mainly used, it allowed us to access several websites, for example. 'IMBD', 'The Art Of The Title Sequence', '' and 'Blogger'. 'IMBD' allowed us to view other films within the thriller genre; we were able to learn about the different narrative conventions of thrillers.

One of the first things we did before planing and filming was a preliminary task. We learnt how to use a 'JVC' camera. After creating our prelim we uploaded it onto a programme called 'HandBrake'. From 'Final Cut Pro', we changed our rendered movie as a Quicktime file (MP4), then on the main desktop we typed 'Handbrake' into the search bar, we then converted our file as an ipod touch file (this makes the file size smaller). We then uploaded the video onto 'Blogger', to upload the file onto 'Blogger' we clicked on the video icon and pressed 'choose file', then we were done. This experience enabled us to learn about how to use 'Blogger'.

After doing our prelim task we continued to do research, we created a pitch onto Microsoft powerpoint, to present to the class. We then created an animatic storyboard. To improve the visual aspect of both the presentation and the animatic, we used a website called 'Prezzi' and copied the embeded link into the HTML section in 'Blogger'.

When we were done filming we used a programme called 'Final Cut Pro'. Final cut pro is the programme we used to edit our thriller opening sequence. We also used a programme called 'SoundtrackPro', we used this programme to create non digetic sounds. After making our sound we rendered it into a submiz and then imported it into 'Final cut Pro'. (this is an example of how we used two technologies together). 'LiveType', is a programme that we used to create the title sequence for our thriller. After creating our sequence we imported it  into 'Final Cut Pro'.