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Font is the style and size of text. The font of text varies all the time, and there is not a fixed font. Different fonts have several effects. For example some fonts are more formal then others and may be used in letters. There are two main types of font.
·         Serif fonts (times and courier)
·         Sans Serif (Ariel and Comic Sans)
It is generally perceived that Serif fonts are more formal than Sans Serif. In films there is a range on films using different fonts. These fonts can tell the audience more about the film and they usually relate or match the theme often film too.
The following are examples showing the different font styles.

Rocky is a film about a boxer who strives to reach the highest level and to be champion. Rocky has a strong, muscle based body and is bulky. His body type matches the font of text. The font type is ‘Franklin Gothic Medium’ this font type is also bulky, bold and large. Its bulky and this matches Rocky’s muscle based body; the bold appearance of the font could be used to highlight Rocky’s out going charismatic attitude. Additionally the text is positioned at the top, and this could be signifying Rocky’s rise to the top of Boxing. Lastly the font is casual and informal (sans serif) and this could be done to convey his normal, casual life. Furthermore the font gives us an insight into what the film will be about and conveys the personality of the characters. For example the the bold, block capitals outline Rocky's strength.

Pearl Harbour:
Pearl Harbour on the other hand adopts a more serif font which is more formal. The film is about the war between America and Japan. The text is in grey capitals, it looks quite historic and dull, as it reflects the war in the 1940’s. Moreover they show Ben Afflecks name at the top. This may be a promotional strategy as he is a well know Hollywood star and respected actor. Moreover the name is just above the credits which are in smaller font showing their lower importance. The cover of the film shows the aduience the historic nature of the film and the time period of the setting.

Lastly another unique film style of font is Jurassic Park. In this film the font matches the theme of the film, it’s a sans serif font and the text has scratch lines matching the scratches dinosaurs make.  Moreover the picture in the background of the dinosaur with its claws reinforces this.
Jurassic Park Logo

I think I would prefer a Sans Serif font as they appear more relaxed and smooth compared to serif fonts which are really formal. I am inspired by the film ‘ROCKY’ in terms of the use of font. I think the font is effective as it reflects the characters personality and gives an insight into the theme or genre of the film.

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