Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to Cameras

Introduction to Cameras
Before filming it is necessary to know how to handle the equipment and understand the different rules and techniques used. The Camera techniques needed are essential to filming and there are vital skills needed which can make sure you capture quality footage.  
The main Practical issues were:
·         Don’t allow the camera or lighting equipment to become wet. You can use an umbrella which can be collected with the other equipment. This will prevent the equipment becoming damaged and also allow you to get improved quality images.
·         The cameras and tripod especially need to be held carefully. When holding the tripod, you must get a firm grip of all three legs and ensure all locks are in place; this will prevent the legs randomly springing out.  Additionally the tripod needs to place in an upright position with all the legs set equally apart and the lock in place. In terms of using the camera it needs to me handled with two hands and placed on the tripod carefully. This is done by sliding it onto the base of the tripod the turning the lock the camera will click and therefore in place. When removing it un-turn the lock, click the red button on the slide, the camera will eject backwards then slide it out. During this process hold the camera at all times.

·         The battery is placed at the back of the camera. You need to slide it in then eject it when removing it and slide it to the right. On the left side of the camera there are two card slots where the camera cards are inserted.  We must save our work on to the Camera cards as when stored onto the camera, data might be lost so we have our cards which all our work will be placed on.

·         Lastly, the camera and the other equipment must be placed back into case (bag) given as then this will prevent damage.

    Technical issues:
·         When using the tripod the camera is more stable and focused. The view of the camera can be altered using the tripod. You can make it lower to gain higher angle shot or lower to get low angle shots. Also you can use the tripod to get pan and tracking shots as there is a stick which allows it to take these shots.

·         The camera has two different focuses Auto and Manuel. The camera has two different focuses Auto and Manuel. They both affect the way the camera operates. The camera should be shoot footage in manual focus and not automatic as when I manual the picture is more clear.

·         We shouldn’t zoom as when editing it proves difficult to make the clip smooth when playing as the zoom doesn’t look as perfect.

·         The ‘gain’ button is also a lighting technique we can use. If in a dark area, we can intensify the light contact, and if in a sunny area, you can make less light be captured in the camera.

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