Thursday, 31 March 2011

Q4+Q5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience.
My Thriller film ' Nameless' is an independent, low budget student film by the production company Candi studios (Candi productions). Candi studios is a small independent production company that specialises in sponsoring low-budget student films. It allows students to produce films without requiring any budget and gives students the technical equipment required in-order to produce the film. Through distribution , the film has reached the audience through being showcased in both College (being shown to our peers within our class) and also in the local independent cinema ' The Screen on the Green' in Angel. It will also 200 copies will be released on DVD so it enables both our peers and family the opportunity to watch my film. The target audience of the film will alos get a copy as everyone who created a thriller this year will receive a copy and they fit into the target audience of 'Nameless'. 
 Also my film has been released on the internet via Facebook where I have received audience feedback. Also the film has been uploaded through the internet via websites such as; Blogger and Vimeo. 

Vimeo is a video sharing website that is different to Youtube. Through our film being uploaded on Vimeo, we hope that we will collect feedback from different audiences then in-comparison to the audience on Facebook.

Below is a an example of a students psychological thriller named 'Drip' which has been uploaded on the internet through the website youtube. 
As youtube is a tremendously popular website used worldwide, it reaches a wide number of viewers. Youtube is a popular website regularly used to promote all sorts of videos produced by both mainstream and independent producers. It is a successful website used by many people to get their videos  noticed by a large amount of people. Our film is shown on Facebook because a large amount of are target audience is on the social network site therefore they will have the opportunity to view the film because of the quick access they have. They can also leave comments which could benefit us if we create another thriller. 
The students psychological thriller film 'Drip' received  a far number of views(998)by people viewing the film on Youtube.  
Having recently checking the thriller film ' Drip' , I have found that it has increased in the number of views , giving a total number of views as (1003)

Below shows the audience feedback received for the film Drip. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION Q.3 The audience for my media product

Christopher Washington is a 20 old male who enjoys watching thriller films in his free time. He likes action thrillers and has watched films such as Batman the Dark Knight.  He likes the film to involve many action scenes that are very explosive and exciting, and likes to be kept in suspense until the end of the film. He is university student studying business and economics. He aspires to be an entrepreneur of a successful property trading business. Living in London he knows the stressful life led by people in the city, especially when he gets the tube to work during ‘rush hour’.  He plays sports including football and supports his local club Arsenal. Overall he really has an interest in films and reads many films that have originated from a book; these include the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
His dress code is typical to his age group. He wears Levi jeans, converse and vans and various t-shirts ranging from stores like Gap to H&M.  He would describe himself as a very ‘simplistic’ person.

Christopher fits into the traget audience of my film 'Nameless'. He is aged above 15 and has an interest in action thrillers. My film is aimed at people 15 and over and is an action thriller. He lives in London therefore he has the right culture to match the setting of the film in the sense that film is based in london and some aspects of the film will relate mostly to people living in London. 


Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaluation, Question 2; Social Groups

Q2.How does your media product represent particular social groups.
When creating 'Nameless' we wanted our characters to represent people aged between 20 to 30 years old. The reason why we decided to do this is because the characters are meant to be young, city professionals. What makes our thriller suspenseful is the fact that the audience would not expect the characters to be involved in something negative, it makes them question the situation.

To represent particular social groups we used different types of Mise en Scene and camera shots. Our opening is similar to a movie called : 'Collateral' , there are a lot of similarities with 'Collateral' and 'Nameless' because it was a film that we was inspired by.

Here are some examples of how we used props, costumes, and locations to represent a particular social group;

Each character was dressed in a business wear conveying their social group (professional business workers) and their age. We would expect business people to be dressed in a suit and generally we would expect adults to be dressed in suits for the obvious reasons like work. The use of clothing in our opening contributed to the actors roles being more realistic. This is very similar to 'Collateral' being that most of the characters are in suits to convey their social group.

Props ; Mobile phone

We used  mobiles, to represent a social group.Although blackberries are now associated with a large majority of all age groups and social classes, they were originally targeted at business people. By business people I mean professions who work in city jobs like banking. We therefore made our characters all use blackberries connotes that the characters using them are professional business workers and this is how we wanted to represent the characters.This is very similar to 'Collateral' being that there is a scene where one of the characters are on their mobile phone, to connote their, profession and social group.

We originally had a scene where one character arrives at a location in a taxi. However the taxi was a black taxi and these are not only traditional British vehicles but represent a form of transport for the higher social classes. Usually you wouldn’t see school children get a taxi to school but business professional and inner city workers regularly take this form of transport to work and around. Black Taxis are fairly expensive. Consequently by using this form of transport we wanted the characters to be represented as middle class professionals and we wanted them to appear like they were wealthy. Once again, this is  similar to 'Collateral' being that a taxi is used, it forms the basis of the entire  plot.
Barclays Bike

There is also a scene in the film where a character gets off a Barclays Bicycle. Our film was filmed in London; people within our target audience are likely to be from London, because they can relate to the movie. Therefore we can assume they know these bikes are aimed at people heading into inner city work, this connotes that the character works in the city and it represents the fact that the character as older then the actual actor is.

Location (Apartment):

Lastly we used a high market apartment to film the phone scene where the main character comes out of a lift. The location makes the audience associate the character with wealth and style because the surroundings are up market and in association with wealthy people. This is very similar to 'Collateral' being that various wealthy locations are used to represent a particular social group. 


Question 6 -Audience feedback and comment

Our opening movie was shown today to our class, students aged 16 & 17. This was going to be the first time anyone has seen our opening so it was really important for us to get feedbacks because this movie is aimed for teenagers and adults so the audience today fitted well. We got a lot of positive feedbacks from the audience which was a great sign to our forthcoming opening which we will show to the whole media department. Our audience said to us our thriller opening looked professional and it had a great storyline that builded suspense throughout the whole film. The audience also commented on our greyscale which they noticed and thought it was great idea showing it at the beginning and only showing the colour red. Our group will be satisfied to know we did not get any bad remarks about our thriller opening which was a great relief.
I took most of our audiences comments which they wrote down and put it on a program called 'Wordle' which jumbles up the words and highlights the most effective comments.

Evaluation, Q6: Audience Feedback and Comment

Today in class our thriller was previewed in front of an audience of 16 to 17 year olds.
Getting audience feedback is extremely important, it enabled my group to know whether our thriller achieved what we wanted it to achieve.

The target audience for ‘Nameless’ is a wide demographical audience of people aged 15 and above, this is a similar to the target audience for most thrillers. The audience that viewed our thriller fitted within our target audience so the feedback mattered. Overall everyone had made positive comments about our thriller, they commented a lot on our narrative title sequence and they all thought that it looked professional and effective because it took you straight into what the film was about. I was disappointed because we did not really receive any feedback on the soundtrack, I wanted to know what people thought about it and whether it worked well with the shots but overall everything else was very positive.

Above are some images created on a program called ‘Wordle’, everyone who watched the thriller wrote their own written response to what they thought about it. As a group we collated all of the information and turned it into word art.

Q.6 Audience Feedback And Comments

Audience Feedback is vital for analysing the success of a project. In this case, the audience gave us feedback from our opening thriller sequence clip. In class, we showed a group of roughly 15 people our opening thriller sequence. They would feed back to us, and outline what they think worked well and how we could improve it. The group who viewed the film were aged 16 to 17. There age directly linked to   the target audience age of the film that is 15 and above. Therefore, this enables us to get a preview of a likely reaction from our target audience.

The majority of the responses were highly positive. Most comments focused around the ‘explosive’ beginning and ‘climaxing’ ending. The responses have shown me that the mise en scene was well used as many people like the props at the ending, furthermore the costumes were effective in making the characters appear older then they were and therefore making the plot and opening more realistic.  
As the director people enjoyed the screen I made the actors do especially the opening when the character struggles for life.

Below are the reactions of the group, I used a program called ‘Wordle’ to present them.

Q6. Audience Feedback and Comments

Today in class we show-cased our thriller openings to the rest of the class to gain audience feedback and comments on the film. The age group of the audience were between the ages of 16-17.This was vital that we got feedback between this age group as they fit in between our target audience age group. Getting Audience feedback is crucial as it would determine whether or not our thiller opening achieved our Target audience or if it didn't.The target film aged for our Thriller film is 15+. We felt this was a good age group to set our film, as most thriller films follow the same age group. Overall we got positive feeback from the audience. Below shows a mash-up of all the comments from the audience by using the programme, I was able to make this collage of the audiences feedback.

 I also recorded audience feedback of what they thought of our thriller opening sequence when showcased at the Screen on the Green Cinema, In Angel. Below shows videos of what the audience thought of the film.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Recording Of Creating Credits and Titles and the Film Certificate
Using Quicktime Player, We recorded the process of us Creating both Credits and Titles on Final Cut Pro and creating the Film Certificate using the program PowerPoint.

Planning and the original idea

At first we had too many ideas for possible opening sequences. At first we were going to do a drug scene, within the scene a boy would have been caught up in a position where he has seen the drug scene take place, however he recorded the clip and the drug dealers find out this, this then led to them tracking down this boy for the video. 
We instead agreed against this idea and wanted to create a opening sequence where nothing obvious therefore leading to the the audience asking questions and building anxiety to find out what happens later on during the film. 
The idea we came up with finally was: a man staggers out of a lift, then its a flash back of earlier events. 3 people get a phone call, they all are called to a building, at arrival they are all surprised to see each other there, they then follow signs on the wall that lead them to a room where a man awaits them, at this point the opening ends. 

The effect of the idea is that the audiences raises several questions. This builds both suspense and anxiety. We also haven't shown them enough for them to lose interest as they don't know the out come of the situation. We created are opening with a the idea that we want the audience to maintain an interest in the film beyond the opening. 
Behind The Scenes- Part 4
Below shows a blog with us behind the scenes at our first location which is in Hoxton, East London. As you can see, We are getting prepared before we shoot our scene for our opening sequence. I am applying fake blog onto John Shirt and you can see us in our characters. 
Enjoy  :)

Behind The Scenes Part 3
Below shows a video Blog with us before filming the basement scene for our Thriller Opening Sequence. Within the video blog, we introduced the remaining cast that you will see within our film, the costume designer and the audience is able to see the cast behind the scenes on set of our film. Both the director and the cast talks about their input within the film and what the audience should be expecting when watching o0ur opening sequence.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Cut For 'NAMELESS'
Below shows the Final Cut of our opening sequence for our Action Thriller film 'NAMELESS'. Finally finished and polished after how many weeks editing and filming. We are proud with the outcome of the film and are proud to release the final cut to the audience including all the soundtrack, credits and title and full effects. 
Hope you enjoy :)- From the members of Group 5

Interview on the film Black Swan
The Experience
Below is a Blog where I recorded myself talkin about my experience of working within a group and producing a Thriller Opening Sequence and the difficulties I faced along the way.
Enjoy :) 

The Creation of Characters
For our Thriller opening sequence we had to create names for our characters. This was to ensure that when creating credits and titles for our opening sequence our names did not appear twice. Below is an account of the characters story before the film and an insight into how their role and position with the film.

Main Characters (Appearing in opening sequence) : 
Denzel (On screen actor) - Grenado
Escoba (On screen actor) - Carlos Gomez

Featuring Cast (Appearing in opening sequence) :
Danielle Charles (On screen actor|) - Nicola Johnson
Anita Baker (On screen) - Latoya Jones 

Grenado - A man of clever thinking. He drags people into uncompromising positions. He represents danger and is a respected man across the city by peers of the business and underworld. 

Carlos Gomez: Represents a highly successful businessman who is dragged into a position that his persuasive techniques cannot get him out of. His life is put under serious threat and he has to find the other side of him before his successful career as a businessman, to relive him of the forever complicated life changing situation ahead of him. 

Nicola Johnson: A family women who provides for her two children through her city based banking job. She would never have imagined the danger she has entered. 

Latoya Jones: A property owner with mega deals and large financial backing. She is vital to her companies success but will she be successful getting out of the daunting situation ahead of her.?
The Arts of Title Sequences

For Our Thriller opening sequence, We had two choices in how to illustrate the title sequence onto our actually sequence. Firstly, we could either render a background onto both our credits and titles which would be the background shown in our sequence which would be separate from the film itself and interrupt the clips being shown to the audience in order to show the title of the film, characters names, directors name etc... or we could overlay the credits and titles onto the clips within our opening sequence which would allow the audience to view what's happening during the opening sequence. We thought that it was more effective to overlay the credits and titles onto the clips within the film as it wouldn't take the audiences attention away from what is happening during the opening sequence, but enable them to find the the title of the film, the characters involved within the film and the directors name etc... By using effects on Final-Cut Pro , we was able to apply cross-dissolves onto both our credits and titles so that there was a smooth cut as the titles and credits changed from one to another to correspond the changing of clips within the opening sequence.

Above shows an example of the Arts of Title sequence as it enables the audience to view what is happening during the opening sequence through the variation of different shot types and actions happening within the clips.

Examples of Action Thrillers
I looked at a number of Action Thriller films in order to get ideas on what we could include in our action thriller opening sequence. Also , I looked at ways in which we could improve our sequence by looking at techniques and elements used in other action thrillers.By looking at a variety of different Action thrillers made through-out different years, shows me a comparison of how Action thrillers have changed over the years and whether they share any similarities or if they differ in any way.
Below shows some examples of action thriller films made within different years
- I chose all these films at random. By re-searching the best action thrillers, these are the films that came up. By looking at all the films below, I found that they all shared some similarities as they all contain a lot of violents and they all contain a large amount of weapons such as guns and explosive and large elaborate set pieces for the action to take place. Also, the film contains a series of fast pace actions which keeps the audience engage wanting to continue watching to find out what happens and what the characters find out along the way. 

1. Kill Bill Volume.1 (2003)
Director:Quentin Tarantino
Storyline:The Bride wakes up after a long coma. The baby that she carried before entering the coma is gone. The only thing on her mind is to have revenge on the assassination team that betrayed her - a team she was once part of.

2. Die Hard (1988) 
Director:John Mctieran
Storyline: New York cop John McClane gives terrorists a dose of their own medicine as they hold hostages in an LA office building.

3. The Professional (1994)
Director: Luc Besson
Storyline:Professional assassin Leon reluctantly takes care of 12-year-old Matilda, a neighbor whose parents are killed, and teaches her his trade.

4. The Fugitive (1993)

Director:Andrew Davis

Storyline: Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of killing his wife, must find the real one-armed killer while avoiding Marshal Sam Gerard.

5.Casino Royale (2006)
Director: Martin Campbell 
Storyline: In his first mission, James Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world's terrorist organizations, from winning a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Nerves and Anxiety

Final Day of editing!

Today was a very stressful day, we had only 2 hours to Finnish editing our film. Even though our teachers said that the deadline for editing was on the 25th, the deadline was actually today because all of the computers were booked for that day so i felt like we had to rush everything in at the last minute. Despite all of this we managed to do the best that we could , we stayed at college until 6pm editing and finalizing our movie (pure dedication). The end result of our film was great, if i had the chance i would of made a some slight changes but even with that said i think that our movie represents everything that we planned and everything that we wanted it to be.
Credits and Titles shown at the beginning of a film
Whilst creating credits and titles for our groups Thriller opening sequences, we were taught that there is a particular order in which the title and credits for a film appears. Originally I thought the order started with the production company, The Title of the film, The Cast, Music, Costume Designer,Editor and then The Director. Whilst looking at the opening sequence of the opening sequence of the film ' The Taking Of Pelham 1,2,3' I found out the exact order in which both the credits and titles had to go in. 

Below shows the correct order in which the credits and titles have to go in
- The order of the film shows the main characters within the film, the hierarchy of the roles included within the film.
The order of both the Credits and The Titles begins with:
  1. The Film Certificate - The age of which the film is classified for.
  2. The Production Company.
  3. The Distributor/ What they Present
  4. Main Characters/Actors- The Two main characters within the film
  5. Title Of the Film.
  6. More Characters/Actors Name- The remaining cast names
  7. Costume Designer name
  8. Music Producers/editors names
  9. Editors Name - The Film Editor
  10. Story By- The writer of the storyline of the film
  11. Directors Name- Director of the film

First Thoughts on completing the Film

We have finally completed editing our opening thriller sequence. This has been a fun and enjoying film to make and plan. Across the journey we have learned how the production process of creating a film needs to be carefully planned and organised. Thankfully we have completed the film to the best quality we could within the time limit and resources available to us. Everyone within our group has worked hard to please the needs of the audience in terms of the editing, filming, and sound techniques involved. Personally as the Director I feel my Filming techniques have improved and my Editing has skills have become more advanced and theses skills will hopefully continue to develop and progress when I film again.
On behalf of my group we would like to thank the media teachers for their contribution, the media technical staff, classmates and peers, and finally we hope you enjoy our opening sequence and please leave comments about our film so that we can improve our film creating skills.
Group 5 (Adam, Michaela, John and Milan)

Our New and Improved Animatic Storyboard (NOT IN ORDER OF DATE)

Here is our new and improved animatic storyboard, the only issue with this is that some of the shots are numbered incorrectly because the images were scanned into photoshop however when you watch the slide show the slides are in the correct order, so ignore the numbers above the shot explanations.


Editing Photos Part 2

Continuation Of Editing

In today's lesson, I had to create both credits and titles for our thriller opening sequence. I originally used Livetype to create both credits and titles but found that I was able to create credits and titles on Final Cut Pro ,which would be more easier for myself to edit as I would not have to use two different programmes. I also found that, I could automatically add the credit and titles straight to my film and I would not have to save each title and credit each time . 
Using the website ,I looked at a number of fonts. I then had to decide which font would be most suited for our thriller opening sequence and which fonts tied best with our action thriller genre. Both myself and Adam chose and downloaded the font called ' 7th service font' to use for our thriller opening sequence. 

Below shows a Preview of our font. 
We both felt that the font was a different font in comparison to the typical fonts you would expect to see in most thriller films. We also felt that the the font looked like an action font similar to the 'James Bond 007' font that you see within James Bond films. As our genre is Action thriller, we didn't want to use the stereo-typically horror/ thriller fonts as our thriller opening sequence is not a psychologically or scary thriller. We wanted our font to show what the purpose of the genre of the film is.

Below you will see the link between the ' 7th service' font and the 'James Bond 007' font

The use of the bold font used makes it memorable for the audiences watching the film to remember the name of the thriller and also remember the film on a whole. Through the use of the big,bold, heavy suggests that it will grab the audiences attention to the film. Also the use of capital letters makes it more memorable to the audience and also makes the title stand out making it more eye catching in comparison to other film titles.