Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation, Question 1; In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

When it came to creating 'Nameless', my group was inspired by a variety of films.

After watching a documentary in class called : 'Watching BBC Beginnings', we discovered the idea of 'instant arousal', this is when an audience is entertained from the very beginning because of a dramatic opening. The 'Naked Kiss', is a film that does exactly that, the opening, is of a woman brutally attacking a man with a knife, throughout this scene various titles are shown and when the victim dies, the title of the movie appears. This is very similar to 'Nameless' being that the opening begins with our leading character staggering out of a lift with blood pouring from his shirt, after this occurs, he falls to the ground and the title 'Nameless' appears.

The order of our title sequence is similar to The 'Naked Kiss'. The first title is of the production company 'Allied Artists', then the drama begins, after this, the actors/actresses are introduced ' starring CONSTANCE TOWERS as Kelly', then music editor, the film editor, the writer and lastly the director.

Even though we were inspired by this opening, we still made our opening unique and different but we still employed similar conventional elements from other thriller movies within our opening. In the documentary we watched we learnt about the downsides of having a opening that instantly aroused the audience, because it gives too much away. Even though our opening is similar to The 'Naked Kiss', it is different because the audience does not know who attacked our leading character, we did this so that the audience could question the situation but also because we did not want to give too much information way in the beginning of the movie, to ensure that the entire film would be effective.

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