Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation, Question 7: What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When creating our thriller we used a variety of, different types, of technology. The technology we used ranged from internet websites , such as 'Google', 'Youtube' and 'Blogger'. We also used Apple software, such as, 'Final Cut Pro', 'Soundtrack Pro', 'HandBrake' and 'LiveType'.

Before creating our thriller we used the internet to do research on other successful, thriller, movies to get some inspiration. 'Google', was the search engine we mainly used, it allowed us to access several websites, for example. 'IMBD', 'The Art Of The Title Sequence', '' and 'Blogger'. 'IMBD' allowed us to view other films within the thriller genre; we were able to learn about the different narrative conventions of thrillers.

One of the first things we did before planing and filming was a preliminary task. We learnt how to use a 'JVC' camera. After creating our prelim we uploaded it onto a programme called 'HandBrake'. From 'Final Cut Pro', we changed our rendered movie as a Quicktime file (MP4), then on the main desktop we typed 'Handbrake' into the search bar, we then converted our file as an ipod touch file (this makes the file size smaller). We then uploaded the video onto 'Blogger', to upload the file onto 'Blogger' we clicked on the video icon and pressed 'choose file', then we were done. This experience enabled us to learn about how to use 'Blogger'.

After doing our prelim task we continued to do research, we created a pitch onto Microsoft powerpoint, to present to the class. We then created an animatic storyboard. To improve the visual aspect of both the presentation and the animatic, we used a website called 'Prezzi' and copied the embeded link into the HTML section in 'Blogger'.

When we were done filming we used a programme called 'Final Cut Pro'. Final cut pro is the programme we used to edit our thriller opening sequence. We also used a programme called 'SoundtrackPro', we used this programme to create non digetic sounds. After making our sound we rendered it into a submiz and then imported it into 'Final cut Pro'. (this is an example of how we used two technologies together). 'LiveType', is a programme that we used to create the title sequence for our thriller. After creating our sequence we imported it  into 'Final Cut Pro'. 

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