Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Q.3 The Audience For My Product

Jonathan Peters is a 19 year old who studies business marketing and law. He has enjoyed to watch thriller and action movies ever since he first saw the movie 'Hitman' He likes films which excite him with a lot of action which keeps him awake and be anxiety to what is going to happen next. He lives in a central area in London. He travels to university on the weekdays which is in Bedford and stays from monday to friday. On the weekends he has free time to go out with his mates, play football in the local park and go to bars or clubbing.
What he wears is what a typical teenager would. The latest brand clothes from Franklin and Marshall, Superdry or Ralph Lauren. He would normally wear a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Chinos from Franklin and Marshall and Converses or Vans. He likes to describe himself as a fashionable boy.
I would say Jonathan fits in perfect as a target audience of my film 'Nameless' The movie is authorised for viewers above the age 15 and he enjoys films such as action thriller. 

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