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Before the creation of 'Nameless' we conducted a preliminary task where we first developed our skills in creating a short clip. The prelim task was very different to our opening thriller sequence for various reasons, one mainly being that we had less time to prepare it and it wasn't a thriller opening but a clip showing a conversation. Nevertheless the prelim task was vital in helping our film making skills develop and be tested. Mistakes were made during this task therefore its important to show the ways we have progressed and improved our skills in our opening thriller sequence. 

A main difference in our prelim project and our opening thriller sequence is the genre of the clip. The Prelim task had no genre and this therefore resulted in the clip having no target audience and no theme. The audience would be unclear on what the clips about because there is no genre. So in our thriller opening we made sure the genre was put across very quickly.
A key way in showing the genre of the opening was our use of font. In the prelim the font was very basic and standard. However in our opening we made the font relate to the genre. We used a font that conveyed to the audience that the Film was an Action thriller. 

(There is a contrast in font. The Thriller film 'Nameless' has a font that relates to the genre in the sense it’s an Action Font and more likely to be in a film, whereas the prelim font is basic and not really indicating the clips genre.) 

]In the prelim we chose an opening that started with titles over blank screen. The reason behind this was that we wanted the titles to quickly appear and then get straight into the main part of the prelim. However in our thriller opening the title credits appear through a narrative opening. The reason behind this is that many thriller films chose this opening structure because the names of the film have higher importance. There was also more people involved in the process of creating the thriller opening compared to the prelim consequently meaning a narrative opening would be less time consuming as the title credits appear throughout the opening rather then just before the opening. The last reason for the change in structure was that in the prelim all the titles appeared together and we believe this may lose the interest of the audience from the beginning. Therefore in the thriller opening we made the production company appear on a blank screen then moved directly into the main opening which was directed with the idea of grabbing the audiences attention from the start. 

(As you can see the prelim has a blank screen title credit structure whereas in the thriller opening has a narrative opening and flows from beginning to end) 

In the prelim I think some shots were too long and would lose audience interest. For example when the characters walking down the hall the scenes too long, the audience doesn't know where she's going but this suspense is soon lost because of the speed she gets there. Therefore in our thriller we have a similar scene where three people are following signs to a room. But instead of prolonging the speed in which they get there we made the audience suspenseful of where their going through quick match cuts of a man doing threatening actions. These actions make the audience anticipate what will happen up until the in which the people reach the room. 

(The process of watching the characters walk to the room is far more thrilling because of the match cuts compared to the much longer less interesting walk in the prelim)
There is a difference in the production companies in our prelim and thriller opening. The prelim has a basic font and appears really quickly. However in the thriller opening we made the production and distribution companies appear longer outlining their importance. Also the way in which the titles appear is significantly different. The production company of the thriller appears stylish and more formal, giving an positive impression to the audience that the film is of a high quality. Lastly the thriller opening has a formal age certificate and this makes the film appear less like a students work and more like a real film production company. 

(The way in which the production and distribution companies appear in the thriller are far more advanced and stylish compared to the prelim)

The location of the prelim is in college. This isn't thrilling or representing the actors in a way that avoids there normal lives. What I mean by this is that because it based in college the audience can assume that the characters are college students. However in our thriller opening this wasn't possible as we needed the characters to be represented in a older way, therefore the environment (location) needed to match the way they were represented. 

(The location for the prelim was basic as we had less time to explore locations and wouldn't work for the thriller as the characters are represented differently)

(The locations used in the thriller opening relate more to character representation and the genre of teh film. For example the Basement scenes appear 'spooky' and relate to the genre of thriller. Moreover the apartment lift represents the character as professional)

The mise en scene in the thriller opening more detailed and realistic as we had more time to prepare  for the thriller. For example the fake blood is used on the shirt to show the mans been shot and is in danger. Furthermore the Blackberry phone shows the character is a professional and this is the way we wanted them to be represented. 
Additionally a character is seen holding various threatening weapons and these are important in showing danger and building suspense within the viewer.
Lastly in the prelim there was no costume design and the characters wore ordinary clothing. In the thriller opening we made sure we changed this as we dressed the characters in role with the way they were to be represented. For example all characters are dressed in business clothes, as this makes them appear older.


Lighting was used significantly different in our thriller opening and our prelim. In the prelim the lighting was natural and didn't affect the mood or tone of the scenes. However we addressed this in our thriller opening as we created shadows with the lights and this made the scene more eerie and the audience more suspicious of who's shadow it is. 

The last difference between the prelim and the thriller opening is the use of sound. In the prelim we only created sound for the title credits at the beginning and used a pre created soundtrack. And the soundtrack didn't support what was happening in the scene, however in the thriller opening the sound is made with Livetype and supports whats happening within the scene. For example at the ending the sound speeds up as the scene speeds up.

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