Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Feedback Interview

I interviewed 4 people who had seen our thriller opening and asked them what they thought about it.

Q.1) What do you think of the our thriller opening film ?
A)    I really enjoyed it. It kept me suspense from the beginning to the end which is why i love movies like that. The story was very believable, it is a type of movie you would see in the real movies. Very dramatic and keeping the audience awake waiting for something happening. I liked the black and white effects in the beginning which you only saw the colour red which was only when the lift was coming down and it said the 'ground floor' and the 'blood' on the shirt which was very dramatic. Also i liked the ending when the 3 people walked into the room and the man was there waiting with objects and it ended there. I wanted to see what would happen next which kept me excited.

Q.2) Any negative stuff about the opening film ?
A)    It wasn't so clear when the 3 people walked into the building separately. The camera was shaking and you couldn't really be able to see the actors and actress face expression.

Q.3) What kind of target audience is the movie aimed at for ?
A)    Mostly the people who watch thriller and action movies. Very suitable for teenagers above 15 and for young adults. The certificate says 15 anyways. But i'm guessing teenagers under 15 would love to watch this as well.

Q.4) Any favourite parts of the thriller opening ?
A)    My favourite part was the end when the scary guy just kept having objects in his hand and pouring liquid onto the floor which made me think what is he doing and who is he. Then when the 3 people were following the signs which they the actors and actress didnt know where it would lead them and made the audience think the same, we had no clue. We just waiting for something dramatic to happen. Then when they walked in to the room. You could see the scary guy looking at all 3 which they were all scared. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.

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