Thursday, 7 April 2011


During the pre and post production process of creating our thriller we used a range of technology. For example when planning our thriller we used YouTube to view other thriller openings that could influence our work.                                                                                                                                     The camera was an important part of technology as we used it to film the footage, without it we wouldn’t have anything to show the audience. We edited the footage using Final Cut Pro. Then we used Livetype to create the title credits. We imported the credits onto Final Cut and placed them within the timeline. We followed the same process after we created our soundtrack on Soundtrack Pro. These programmes were all used in creating the final movie. Handbrake was important in allowing us to make the movie the right format so it could be placed on Blogger. Blogger is accessible to everyone and is a way our film will reach our target audience. Moreover Vimeo will also be used to screen our movie on the internet. The internet will allow it to reach a higher number of our target audience as many people can access the internet. Lastly Facebook was used to broadcast our movie to the audience, as we create a page where people could view the film and leave comments that will benefit us if we make a thriller opening again.

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