Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION Feedback Interview

      I conducted 5 interviews to get audience feedback of my thriller opening. Below is an example of one of the interviews I done.

1)      What are your first thoughts on our thriller opening and why?
I think it’s really good. It’s directed and edited very well. I think the storylines believable and the actors play their roles professionally. The scenes moved from one to the next quickly, the font makes the film look more stylish. I like the end part the most because of the quick cuts showing the characters following the signs and the man doing crazy action with objects.

2)      What was your favourite part and why?
I like the beginning when the man falls out the lift. It’s shown in black and white but the blood remains red this is creative and the music makes the scene dramatic as you know his dying.  The ending is my favourite though. The music is really fast paced and builds suspense and the climaxing point is when you see the man’s face. But your are anxious to see his face because the pervious camera shot show the other characters seeing him and they look scared and shocked.

3)      What do you think about the music and fonts?
The font was stylish but maybe could have been clearer as some names were difficult to read. The music suited the opening really well, maybe the music in the middle scene could have been different as it didn’t really seem like thriller music.

4)      Who do you think is the films target audience?
I think the target audience is people above 15 because the certificate says 15+. Also the film seems aimed at people who like action thrillers because the font is similar to the action thriller Casino Royale. I think despite having two female actors in the opening the film seems more aimed stereotypically and the male gender because of the action scenes involved.   

5)       What could we change in the film?
The film is really good, but maybe the fonts could be clearer, the ending when the man dies could also be clearer in showing from that point it’s a flashback as it doesn’t really show the audience what’s happening in the next scene.

6)      Would you watch it? Or buy the DVD?
Yeah I would as I want to see how the storyline unfolds. It’s a good opening so hopefully the rest of the film would be good.

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