Monday, 28 February 2011

Final Cut Pro:
Final Cut Pro is an editing program we will use when editing our footage and our final Thriller opening Sequence. All Films are edited as the footage which is filmed doesn’t always flow smoothly or appear as the Director wants it to. Editing allows you to remove parts of the footage where mistakes have been made or just take out unnecessary parts of the clip. If you want a successful film the editing process is vital.
Final Cut Pro can be used to add special effects like ‘fade’ and slowing down the clip to create ‘slow motion’.
Basic Skills:
When starting, drag your clip to the viewer window. To trim click mark in icon or ‘I’ and mark out or ‘O’ to trim the clip. Then drag the clip to viewer icon.
On the tool bar there is a ‘CUT’ icon which allows you t shorten parts of the clips on the timeline.
When saving the edited clip you need to export the as a quick-time and upload it to our blog using handbrake. When uploading make a copy and resize the clip, export file clip for quick time movie click on the clip and take it to handbrake. Select the named clip, then your group (In our case group 5) and click ‘IPOD’ and start. Then the clip will have been uploaded to your group in blogger.

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