Monday, 7 February 2011

Introduction to Camera

In todays lesson we were introduced to skills needed to use the professional cameras. In order to begin filming ,we were taught key instructions and key factors on how to use the camera. We were taught necessary techniques in ways to manage both the camera and the equipment  and key skills needed to ensure that we capture good quality footage.


  • Insert both the Memory card + Battery correctly into the camera
  • To turn the camera on & off
  • To ensure the camera lens of the camera is open before filming + is close after filming.
  • To ensure the camera is in focus before filming.
  • To connect the camera on the tripod.
  • To ensure that the legs of the tripod are opened out accurately, ensuring that the legs are the same length and the tripiod
  • To ensure the camera is locked on properly to the tripod to avoid it falling off or causing the camera to wobble
  • To ensure that the camera is locked when on thr tripod and to release the camera of the tripod press the red button then slide backwards.

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