Sunday, 6 February 2011

Title Sequences that inspire me ! ; Casino Royale

Daniel Klienman is a British director most famous for creating title sequences for James Bond, the movie. Klienman’s title sequence for ‘Casino Royale’ involved black and white images of Bond, filled with different patterns and symbolic objects such as cards. Klienman’s work is done in a collage style with a collection of different images stuck together. To create his work Klienman uses computer generated images. His style of work is extremely decorative and symbolic.

When I initially saw Klienman’s work I thought it was interesting, I thought that the way in which he used different objects to symbolize the films narrative and plot was smart, it made me want to see more and more. After researching his work I thought that it might be good to incorporate this into my groups work later on because I liked the black and white effect.

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