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Planning of our Preliminary Project

Planning of our Preliminary Project

We were given a preliminary task in which we had to create a clip which was centred on a conversation between two people. I think the objective of the task was to familiarise us with the process of completing a clip. This process includes using the cameras, editing, adding credits (part of editing) and also adding a soundtrack. However before this process planning is essential. Planning allows you to assess likely complications and problems in the future, therefore these problems can be addressed, planning is vital if you want to reduce the risks of future problems. Lastly planning allows you to edit you ideas if you plan it and it allows you to start you work with a focus rather than waste time later.
Firstly as this was a plan we didn’t use the same props, setting or equipment as we would in the actual clip. Therefore we used Jelly babies as symbols of the actors; they were simply props representing the actor who would appear in the actual clip. Due to the fact we used jelly babies we created a paper setting. Within this paper setting we had a corridor and a room. This resembled the corridor and room we would use in the actual film. As this task was set up for us to develop various techniques we didn’t spend too much time making the setting.
Secondly, we were introduced to the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule involves orientating the viewer. When you show where people are you show the 180 degree rule. For example in the clip below there is a middle shot of two people having a conversation. We see the woman is on the left and the man on the right. Therefore when we see them the man should remain on the left and the woman on the right. On the overhead shot you can see the camera placement and180 degree line. The camera shouldn’t move across or over this line but may move along the line. The reason for this is if the rule is broken the camera view shows the actors facing the same direction or changing sides. Therefore to make the clip realistic and to a high standard this rule must be mastered.
Thirdly after we considered the ways in which we keep the one 180 degree rule, we planned what camera shots we would include. We decided we wanted to experiment with different shots to allow us to get use to taking these shots.
·         Close up, Medium shot, High and Low angle shot, Long shot, over the shoulder shot and shot reverse shot.
Getting use to taking different camera shots is important because different shots have different effect therefore by knowing how to take different shots you increase the quality and efficiency of the clip.

Starting the filming of the jelly babies
Once we set up the background (setting) for the preliminary clip we took photos representing the way we would film it. As the objective was just to improve our film making skills we didn’t focus on making the film suspenseful or thrilling but rather tried to familiarise ourselves with the 180 degree rule and different camera movements and shots. We were able to include all the planned camera shots in our jelly baby clip, whilst keeping the 180 degree rule.
Once completed, we edited these photos using Final Cut Pro and made them align into a story board. The clip was too long so we changed the speed of some shots and cut short to make them shorter. When finished we started to prepare to film the actual prelim film.  
Movie Making Techniques 180 Degree Rule 

Jelly Baby Clip

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