Friday, 4 February 2011


The poster for the film 'Rocky' is an excellent example of how  effective simplicity is. The font that is used is Franklin Gothic. The font itself is very bold, abstract and symbolic, the boldness of the title magnetizes the audiences attention. The font itself isn't stylized to fit the meaning of the word 'Rocky' itself , it is just plain and simple. However some may argue in saying that the simplicity of the font represents the protagonist in the film, 'Rocky' because his character is simple. The poster contains complementary colours white and black and it gets across a message quickly.

The poster for the film 'Pearl Harbo' contains a traditional serif font called: "Palatino". The font itself gives you an idea of where the film is set. It compliments the theme of the American war. The title itself does not distract you from the main characters, its very small and it is not the main focus of this poster. The billing bloc and the distribution logo is not bold this makes the audience focus on the title of the film in its entirety.

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