Friday, 4 February 2011

Ideas; Locations (Mise en scene)

Décor is used to amplify character emotion and to dominate the mood of a  particular film, in thriller films locations are extremely important. The types of décor that always seem to appear in thriller films are the following:

1) The Suburbs 

When you normally think of the suburbs you think of a well educated, high income, regular families, you do not often think of serial killers. thriller films normally go against stereotypical views on life in the suburbs by putting these family's into what some may believe are non-realistic situations that involve either a dangerous family member or an intruder. I believe they do this to scare viewer by showing them that no one is really safe. In films like the 'Fatal Attraction' the most dramatic scenes that happened in the film took place in a kitchen, this is very similar to 'The Stepfather'.

2) Isolated Buildings and towns

Isolated buildings and towns are regular places that appear in thriller films. Directors and creators choose these locations to give the viewers this feeling of uncertainty and danger because there is no one to help the characters within the movie because there is no one around. A film that has adopted this technique is 'Psycho'. Forest and the woods are also locations that are isolated and used in the same way as buildings and towns.

I did this post to research ideas on possible locations for my groups thriller, nothing has inspired me yet but I will keep on doing more research.


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