Friday, 4 February 2011

Tips on editing!!

For editing our short thriller film we will be using a programme called 'Final Cut Pro', so here are some basic tips on  how to use it!

  •  To cut shots use the I and O buttons. I = Input and O = Output
  • Organise your time line, make sure your shots are right next to each other or unfortunately you will have a large gap in between each shot.
  • The the razor blade (which can be found in the tool box) cuts the shots.
In Media studies we take a lot of photographs , film a variety of shots and print screen our edits so that you can see how we develop our ideas. 
  • To upload a video or slideshow into Blogger , click on File (In the top of your screen)
  • Then click on export
  • Save as Quicktime (MP4) make sure that theres a tick where it says make movie self contained
  • Save your video
  • And now open Handbrake (a software that enables you change the file size of a video)
  • Once you've got into Handbrake open your video
  • Clilck Start twice and your video should be complete.
  • Close Handbrake 
  • Open blogger and import your video

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