Monday, 7 February 2011

Suspense in Black Swan

Suspense in Black Swan

The film " Black Swan reflects a key example of the build up of suspense. This is a effective technique used in most thriller movies to give the audience a feeling of  uncertainty and anxiety about what will happen next during the movie. The use of suspense causes tension within the film, as it grabs the audiences attention making them wanting to continue watching.
Below shows a clip of the build up of suspense in Black Swan.

In the clip shown above, suspense is built up using a variation of camera shots. Through the use of both an over the shoulder shot and tracking, the audience is able to track the movement of the character ; Nina. Through both a mid- shot of her surroundings and a close up of her face , the use of suspense is indicated clearly here as we see that she is alone walking down an empty alleyway. Also,through the close up of her face, we see her scared expression as she notices a suspicious body of a women further down the alleyway.

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