Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ideas ; Camera Angles

The Bird's-Eye view

This shows a scene from directly overhead, a very unnatural and strange angle.

Eye Level

When a  camera is placed approximately five to six feet from the ground. 
Low Angle
These increase height  and give a sense of speeded motion. Low angles help give a sense of confusion to a viewer, of powerlessness within the action of a scene. The background of a low angle shot will tend to be just sky or ceiling, the lack of detail about the setting adding to the disorientation of the viewer. The added height of the object may make it inspire fear and insecurity in the viewer, who is psychologically dominated by the figure on the screen.

Oblique/Canted Angle

Sometimes the camera is tilted , to suggest imbalance, transition and instability , this isvery popular in horror/thirller movies. 

Here's a video on camera angles

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