Saturday, 19 March 2011

On set Day 3

Day 3 of filming was more than successful. We arranged to film on the weekend. We ended up 
changing our original location to a more sophisticated block of flats. The reason why we did this was 
because we wanted our opening to be effective; if we were to use our original location the plot would
 not make any sense. Our original location was a housing estate, we decided to only film our lift shot inside. 

The new block of flats that we used was overlooked by other flats. So we thought that it would be a good idea for our camera man to go into one of the flats that over looked us to create aerial shots. 
We did a variety of shots, over the shoulder shots, tracking shots, cut ins and close up shots.

 We wanted to have a wide collection of shots so that when it came to editing we would have a large
 range to choose from. We actually asked a taxi driver if we could film our actress getting out of it so 
that it represented the fact that she was a business woman. The day was absolutely freezing but we prevailed and took some incredible scenes.

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