Sunday, 20 March 2011

Demos of Scary Shot

Close Up:
A close ups are used to bring something further to the screen. They show a lot of detail and are used in all films and especially thrillers. The importance and effect a close up shot does is that it shows something in better detail and makes the audiences feel part of what’s happening. An example of a close up is one of someone’s face.  A close up of someone’s face can show them in detail and portray their feeling and expression.
Extreme Close Up:
This type of shot is effective in creating suspense and showing a very detailed shot. You may see an extreme close up of a knife; this builds suspense as you don’t know whose it is? And why it’s there?
Medium Shot:
This shot allows you to see something’s surrounding and from a normal detailed view. This shot is popular as you can see a characters action, facial expressions and clearly see what’s taking place in the scene.

Over The Shoulder Shot:
This type of shot can show you something from someone’s point of view. Pr it can show you something that that the behind someone’s point view. It can add tension; in the sense that if you had an over the shoulder shot of a man facing forwards then behind him you see a man with a knife, tension is built as you can see something they can’t, and this raises questions like what will happen to them?
Long Shot:
A long shot is effective in showing the location, setting and surrounding of the scene. Long shots help set the mood of a scene.
Worms eye View:
These shots show you something from a low perspective, an example of when there used is to track a characters footsteps. The low angle affect adds suspense as you don’t know who the person is as you only see their feet.

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