Sunday, 20 March 2011

Using Livetype


Livetype is a program where it allows you to create titles and credits for a film by using various font types , font effects and background effects which are used to overlay the font. I have used this programme to create titles and credits for our preliminary film. I am planning to use this programme to create titles and credits for our thriller opening sequence. We were given the opportunity to have a trail run in class. In this tutorial ,we were able to find out hoe to use the programme. We learnt that you have to create the credits and titles in Livetype first then import the credits and titles in the program where you are editing your film e.g. Final Cut Pro and add the credits and titles into anywhere within the film. Once imported on to Final Cut Pro into your film , the whole film has to be rendered in order for the Credits and Titles to work.

<< The print screen on the right shows you the layout of what the programme Livetype looks like. 
In the canvas , you will be able to view the changes happening to the text that you are working on. The texture tab allows you to add a background to the title credits or titles. By selecting the texture you want, the
background will then apply to track at the bottom of the media bar. On the canvas you would be able to see the changes being made to the text. By clicking on the effects tab, this allows to add transition effects and animations to the text. The bottom of the screen displays the time-line which shows the actual video clip. 

The screen shot below illustrates the finished product of titles and credits added to the time-line of our Preliminary Production film.

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