Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I conducted interviews in my spare time to get some information on what types of thrillers people like and what makes a good thriller. I interviewed around 5 people.
Below is an example of a interview completed by Christina Gomez
Participant One

1)      What type of Thriller genre do you like most? (Shade in your chosen answer)
Acquired Identity

2)      What was the last Thriller you watched?
“The last thriller I watched was Black Swan “

3)      What is your favourite thriller over the last 4 years and why?
“Err the best thriller I’ve watched recently would have to be Inception. I like the way it had you on the edge throughout the film, because you had to focus fully to understand the film, therefore it maintained audience interest throughout, haha and I like Leonardo Di Caprio so I like his films”

4)      What’s the average certificate of the thrillers you watch? (Shade in your chosen answer)

5)      What do you think makes a good thriller?
“*Laughs* I think the film has to have good camera work, that’s a must, if I doesn’t then the film just looks poor quality. I’d also say the actors of the film are important as certain actors make thrillers more appealing. For example Denzel Washington plays his role really well in ‘Inside Man’. Lastly, sound is vital, you can get really scary or thrilling sounds that that build anxiety in the film, Jaws is an example because you always know when there’s danger because of the famous soundtrack. This just signals to us that something will happen, I think sound can be really effective for setting the tone too”

6)      As we are making an Action thriller what do expect to see in an Action Thriller?
“I expect to see a lot of fast paced action scenes. There has to be constant movement and excitement. There should be many stunts and the special effects have to be on point. For example explosions fight scenes (Gun shots) and chase scenes have to have to be exciting because this builds anxiety and interest. Oh yeah, I like seeing scenes where people are struggling for life and when you see close ups of a bullet travelling in slow motion, that’s really fun it happens in the Matrix too *Laughs*”

7)      What would you says your favourite Thriller
“Arr you ask some hard questions, it's probably King Kong or I’d say Batman the Dark Knight, Sorry I can’t choose between them”
End Of Interview

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