Saturday, 19 March 2011

On Set Day 2

Today we booked the cameras
for our Monday 3 hour lesson. In the first hours of the lesson we watched some
of the scenes that we filmed over the weekend and we discovered that some were
unsuccessful. We want our opening to be a success so we decided to re-film some
of the shots by trying out new locations just to see if it would be more

The first location that we chose was Angel's tube station, as one of the actresses I found it slightly nerve racking. There were people watching me on buses, tourists taking photographs and to make it even worse commuters kept walking into our shots, this delayed time because we had to wait for them to leave.
We wanted to finnish off the scene by doing a behind shot of me on the phone to the 'Nameless' caller however workers in the tube station did not allow us to film because we were 'blocking the exit'. We did not want to allow this mishap to prevent us from filming a great shot so we decided to chose a new location and this time it worked. I walked down a relatively quite street and we took over 20 takes.After filming we went back to the editing suite and began to start creating a rough cut to present to our media teacher.

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