Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Demos of Scary Shots Part Two

Blurred shots can be scary because the audience can't fully tell what’s happening and they question what the blurred shots showing. Moreover the audience is confused and a sense of anticipation is built as they want to know more about the mysterious blurred shots.

Shots that show a shadow are effective in concealing the identity of the person who’s casting the shadow, and the audience question who it is and the suspense makes them more interested as they want to find out who it is.

Shots that are taken with low lighting are effective as they create an eerie atmosphere and this can make the audience feel like something sinister will happen or take place in this location. Moreover the darkness can make the audience feel that there is something evil around the location of the darkness.

A close up or shot of an object can be scary as the audience will question what’s the significance of the object, who’s is it and why it’s there. This all builds suspense in the heads of the audience, and this can help maintain their interest throughout the film. For example the picture of the gun raises question slike who owns it? why do they have it? what are they going to do with it or whta have they done with it?

A close up of someone’s face can be scary in building tension. For example in this photo the man is angry we can see his rage through hi expression, however tension is built as we don’t know why his angry .

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