Monday, 21 March 2011

Filming ‘Nameless’ Day 1

My Evaluation:
After our first planned day for filming was cancelled we rearranged this filming day, and filmed on Sunday the 6th of March. The same location was used and we all arrived at the planned location at 1.30 p.m. This was going to be are longest filming day and we needed to complete the main body of the film in this day.
We began by setting up the opening scene. As Director I briefly showed John a quick demonstration of how his role was to be played. Once done Milan and Michaela started to dress the cast in their costumes, we began by adding fake blood to his shirt. In the clip John’s character is shot and we needed the blood to look fresh in the sense that the wound is new and open, so it needed to be dripping down. Milan tried to make it as realistic as possible. Then we began filming the opening scene. I tried to get as many shots as possible and filmed each shot twice so when it came to the editing process I could have a larger range of clips to choose from. The type of shots we got include: Worms eye view, high angel, tracking and panning, medium and close ups, and over the shoulder. The different shots can help to build tension when edited and the tracking shots in particular were important as it captured life from the characters point of view and at this point they were struggling for life so it would make the audience feel sympathy for the wounded character.
After John’s scene was complete we moved onto the middle part of the opening. This involved John, Michaela and Milan entering a building. We moved building for this scene (From the basement of a Tower Block) to a stylish modern apartment building. The building needed to be stylish as the characters are business, professional people, that’s why it appears shocking that such people could appear in such an uncompromising situation. We started this scene by filming all the characters entering the building. We agreed that we should extend are use of shots here, so we took over the shoulder, tracking, close ups and long shots. We did also take a bird’s eye view shot but as the director and cameraman I realised the shots looked out of focus and this footage will not appear in the main opening sequence.
After we had filmed each character entering the building we filmed, John answering the phone. The location for this was inside the apartment building. The location was perfect to show the social class of the characters as the lift and building look modern and professional matching the type of image John’s character has. We used a normal Blackberry Curve as the phone (that was our prop) and instead of making John Mime the Phone call I had a conversation with him and this made it more realistic and easier for him to stay in role.
The ending of that scene would have been the planned ending, however we wanted to re-film Johns opening scene, and we continued the same procedure as before (in terms of applying the blood and the different camera angles). Milan went home because of the delays of trains and she also lives far away from the filming location. I, John and Michaela stayed and continued filming. After re-filming Johns opening scene we were very pleased as it looked better then the scene we originally filmed.
We then concluded they filming session at around 4 30 p.m. It was a long day but hugely successful as we only had two remaining scene before we could enter the editing process. And none of the scenes filmed will need to be redone.  

Filming Equipment
Black Berry Curve
Fake Blood

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