Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION Q.3 The audience for my media product

Christopher Washington is a 20 old male who enjoys watching thriller films in his free time. He likes action thrillers and has watched films such as Batman the Dark Knight.  He likes the film to involve many action scenes that are very explosive and exciting, and likes to be kept in suspense until the end of the film. He is university student studying business and economics. He aspires to be an entrepreneur of a successful property trading business. Living in London he knows the stressful life led by people in the city, especially when he gets the tube to work during ‘rush hour’.  He plays sports including football and supports his local club Arsenal. Overall he really has an interest in films and reads many films that have originated from a book; these include the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
His dress code is typical to his age group. He wears Levi jeans, converse and vans and various t-shirts ranging from stores like Gap to H&M.  He would describe himself as a very ‘simplistic’ person.

Christopher fits into the traget audience of my film 'Nameless'. He is aged above 15 and has an interest in action thrillers. My film is aimed at people 15 and over and is an action thriller. He lives in London therefore he has the right culture to match the setting of the film in the sense that film is based in london and some aspects of the film will relate mostly to people living in London. 


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