Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Role of the Director

The Roles within the Group
The film director is the person who directs actors and crew in the making of a film. They control the dramatic and artistic aspect, while guiding the actors. I am the Director of my film, I know my role is to get the actors to follow my instructions and to organise everything that takes place pre and post production. This is a group work so I won’t abuse my role by ‘bossing’ my group around but will instead guide them and organise how we will make the film.
So far we are in the planning process of our film. At the moment my role as director has been shown through the organisation process.
Organisation of Roles:
·         Executive Art Designer- Brings fake blood
·         Technical Crew- Camera-woman and on set photographer
·         Actress
·         Editor
·         Actress
·         Film Editor
·         Production Design
·         Stunts
·         Actor
·         Visual Effects
·         Special Effect
·         Music and Sound
Although I am director I will also have a role in the following:
·         Transportation
·         Costume Design
·         Ex. Editor
·         Music and Sound
·         Camera and Electrical Department

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