Saturday, 19 March 2011

Using Soundtrack Pro

The Audio Program Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro is a programme used to overlay the finished edited film with a soundtrack. The programme creates audio from a number of sound effects , accents and motifs from a variety of genres which include pop/rock, country, R n B etc... You can also find sound effects such as dark,intense, mysterious sounds to the sounds of someone laughing or someone pulling a trigger. The program contains main features where it enables you to change the contrast and tempo of the sound,Being able to fade one sound into another and  adjust how long you want the music played for and where in the film you would like the music played.

<< This screen-shot shows you  the search tab as you are able to choose from a number of the instrument audio effects that soundtrack pro offers.

I am quite familiar with this software as I have used it to edit my Short film for Film Studies and have currently used it to put a soundtrack onto my bag swap clip.We will be using this program for our Thriller Opening as the program enables us to use a range of beats and sounds which will help us create a suspenseful audio for our Thriller . 
We are thinking of using instrument audio's such as Piano's, String Orchestra's,drums which can all lead to build up a suspenseful, thrilling build up during our clip. From looking at a variety of different thriller openings, we saw that most of the openings used instrument audio's to build up suspense in the scene.

This Screen Shot Illustrates what the layout of Soundtrack Pro looks like.>>

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