Thursday, 24 March 2011

Examples of Action Thrillers
I looked at a number of Action Thriller films in order to get ideas on what we could include in our action thriller opening sequence. Also , I looked at ways in which we could improve our sequence by looking at techniques and elements used in other action thrillers.By looking at a variety of different Action thrillers made through-out different years, shows me a comparison of how Action thrillers have changed over the years and whether they share any similarities or if they differ in any way.
Below shows some examples of action thriller films made within different years
- I chose all these films at random. By re-searching the best action thrillers, these are the films that came up. By looking at all the films below, I found that they all shared some similarities as they all contain a lot of violents and they all contain a large amount of weapons such as guns and explosive and large elaborate set pieces for the action to take place. Also, the film contains a series of fast pace actions which keeps the audience engage wanting to continue watching to find out what happens and what the characters find out along the way. 

1. Kill Bill Volume.1 (2003)
Director:Quentin Tarantino
Storyline:The Bride wakes up after a long coma. The baby that she carried before entering the coma is gone. The only thing on her mind is to have revenge on the assassination team that betrayed her - a team she was once part of.

2. Die Hard (1988) 
Director:John Mctieran
Storyline: New York cop John McClane gives terrorists a dose of their own medicine as they hold hostages in an LA office building.

3. The Professional (1994)
Director: Luc Besson
Storyline:Professional assassin Leon reluctantly takes care of 12-year-old Matilda, a neighbor whose parents are killed, and teaches her his trade.

4. The Fugitive (1993)

Director:Andrew Davis

Storyline: Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of killing his wife, must find the real one-armed killer while avoiding Marshal Sam Gerard.

5.Casino Royale (2006)
Director: Martin Campbell 
Storyline: In his first mission, James Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world's terrorist organizations, from winning a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro.

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