Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Behind The Scenes Inspiration

Today I and Michaela went to the edit room during workshop to edit our opening sequence. During this time we also made our ‘Behind the Scenes video’ we created the videos because we wanted to show how we prepared on set for the film also our views whilst on set.
Furthermore we added a title sequence and soundtrack to the clip. Using Livetype and Soundtrack Pro helped us develop our existing skills but also learn new ones we can now use in the main project. For example on Livetype we found new fonts and effects we could use create our credits.
We were inspired by Hype Williams title sequence in ‘all of lights’. So we borrowed his idea in the way he presented the credits against a blank screen. We made each credit have a different colour, font and effect, and this gives every credit its own individual presence. I liked the way in the ‘All of the Lights’ video Kanye Wests name stayed on the screen for about 6 seconds indicating the importance of his role in the video. Therefore we decided to keep the directors name on the screen for roughly 4 seconds to convey their importance in the film, also the director is in many of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos.

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