Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaluation, Q6: Audience Feedback and Comment

Today in class our thriller was previewed in front of an audience of 16 to 17 year olds.
Getting audience feedback is extremely important, it enabled my group to know whether our thriller achieved what we wanted it to achieve.

The target audience for ‘Nameless’ is a wide demographical audience of people aged 15 and above, this is a similar to the target audience for most thrillers. The audience that viewed our thriller fitted within our target audience so the feedback mattered. Overall everyone had made positive comments about our thriller, they commented a lot on our narrative title sequence and they all thought that it looked professional and effective because it took you straight into what the film was about. I was disappointed because we did not really receive any feedback on the soundtrack, I wanted to know what people thought about it and whether it worked well with the shots but overall everything else was very positive.

Above are some images created on a program called ‘Wordle’, everyone who watched the thriller wrote their own written response to what they thought about it. As a group we collated all of the information and turned it into word art.

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