Monday, 28 March 2011

Q6. Audience Feedback and Comments

Today in class we show-cased our thriller openings to the rest of the class to gain audience feedback and comments on the film. The age group of the audience were between the ages of 16-17.This was vital that we got feedback between this age group as they fit in between our target audience age group. Getting Audience feedback is crucial as it would determine whether or not our thiller opening achieved our Target audience or if it didn't.The target film aged for our Thriller film is 15+. We felt this was a good age group to set our film, as most thriller films follow the same age group. Overall we got positive feeback from the audience. Below shows a mash-up of all the comments from the audience by using the programme, I was able to make this collage of the audiences feedback.

 I also recorded audience feedback of what they thought of our thriller opening sequence when showcased at the Screen on the Green Cinema, In Angel. Below shows videos of what the audience thought of the film.

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