Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Role Of Editor

Editing Role
I have taken the role of being the editor in my group. I am responsible for the production of the film. My job title consists of selecting shots filmed, arranging and modifying them in chronological order. I have to determine the order that each shot will appear and the kind of transition that will happen between them. I have to ensure that there is a consistent flowing continuity of shots by selecting the particular shot, trimming or expanding shots to a certain length and speed by modifying the speed to make the scene faster or slower. I have to ensure that the best takes and shots are used for the film to ensure that it shows clear reading for the audience watching to see what is happening and understand what is happening. I have to make both a Rough and final cut so I can get feedback on ways that I could improve my film to make it better. I have to make sure that the credits, titles and transitions are rendered in the film in order for the transitions and effects to work and take place effectively. I have to be able to use the editing program Final Cut Pro in-order to edit our film.  I work along side the director asking for his opinion (alongside my opinion), on what scenes he would like to see included within the film.

The Process of Editing
So far, I am still in the editing process as I have completed a Rough Cut on what our Thriller opening sequence will look like. I now have to continue editing our Final cut of our Thriller opening sequence by including changes that I have to make through feedback given to me from teachers that have viewed our Rough Cut of our Thriller opening sequence. I am using the program Final Cut Pro to edit our Thriller opening sequence. I have experience of using this program as I have edited are Preliminary Sequence and are Bag Swap Sequence.

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