Sunday, 20 March 2011

Influences from other Directors
 When thinking of the idea for our thriller film I was influenced by the work of thriller directors:
·         Christopher Nolan
·         Peter Jackson
·         Steven Spielberg
Films I’ve watched from these Directors
Christopher Nolan: Batman (The Dark Knight)  and Inception
Peter Jackson: Lord of the Rings and King Kong
Steven Spielberg: Jurassic Park and Jaws
How they influenced my film idea:
Our group decided to make an Action Thriller. Immediately I thought of Batman (The Dark Knight) and Lord of the Rings. (Inception also has a lot of action but is a psychological thriller). Our idea is about 3 people getting a phone call from an unknown number and being called to this building, when they get there they are all confused to see each other there then they meet the caller. That’s the main outline of our film. However next we had to decide how we will make it thrilling. We decided that the film will start with a surprising all action start and an all action climaxing ending. This all must be compressed into 2 minutes so we would only show enough to gain the audience’s attention. We have decided to show the ending of the film at the beginning and then a flash back. In this flash back you see the people getting the phone call and when they arrive at the building and finally when they meet the anonymous caller.
Batman has an all action start and all action ending. At first you see the joker and his gang get out of a van then they enter a bank and then the rob it and he shoots some members of his gang, at this point the audience are confused, and that is what I want to do in our film I want it interest the audience but also confuse them in way that they will be further interested to see the rest of the film. Moreover the Batman trailer also has a lot of action. Firstly you see batman on his motor bike then he falls onto a car breaking the windows. At the end you see the Joker with a Gun shooting at somebody then Batman avoids crashing into him on the motorbike although the joker says ‘Hit Me’ it ends with the Joker saying ‘Let’s put a smile on that face’. The all action trailer is effective in engaging with the audience and making them be excited and anticipating the rest of the film.
Another trailer for the same film shows the Batman jump from a roof then immediately after you see the Joker surrounded by a fire and an explosion from a building follows this, lastly at the end you the Joker jungle a knife and then the Batman falls onto a Car breaking the windows. This trailer is full of action and builds excitment and interest.

Shorter All Action trailer

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