Sunday, 20 March 2011

Props Used In Thriller Films

The Props generally used in many Thriller films consist of weapons such as guns, explosives, knives etc... These contribute to adding suspense and a lot of tension in a thriller film , especially in particular scenes. The use of weapons can establish to an audience who is the Antagonist or Protagonist, depending on the narrative.
Many other props within a thriller film uses aspects from other thriller films such as the shiny knife, the white shower curtain, the dripping bathroom/kitchen tap and blood (fake blood). Thriller films such as ' Psycho' , ' The Stepfather' and ' What Lies Beneath' borrow aspects of proms from each other.

For our Thriller opening sequence, we have used props such as Fake blood,written signs, caution signs, household tools, the dripping of water etc... We chose these props as they are not generally seen in most thrillers. Also, the use of the unusual props can add a sense of thrill and suspense to the audience as they will question what the reason is for the characters to use those kind of props.  What kind of trouble are they in ? What are they trying to hide?   

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