Thursday, 31 March 2011

Q4+Q5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience.
My Thriller film ' Nameless' is an independent, low budget student film by the production company Candi studios (Candi productions). Candi studios is a small independent production company that specialises in sponsoring low-budget student films. It allows students to produce films without requiring any budget and gives students the technical equipment required in-order to produce the film. Through distribution , the film has reached the audience through being showcased in both College (being shown to our peers within our class) and also in the local independent cinema ' The Screen on the Green' in Angel. It will also 200 copies will be released on DVD so it enables both our peers and family the opportunity to watch my film. The target audience of the film will alos get a copy as everyone who created a thriller this year will receive a copy and they fit into the target audience of 'Nameless'. 
 Also my film has been released on the internet via Facebook where I have received audience feedback. Also the film has been uploaded through the internet via websites such as; Blogger and Vimeo. 

Vimeo is a video sharing website that is different to Youtube. Through our film being uploaded on Vimeo, we hope that we will collect feedback from different audiences then in-comparison to the audience on Facebook.

Below is a an example of a students psychological thriller named 'Drip' which has been uploaded on the internet through the website youtube. 
As youtube is a tremendously popular website used worldwide, it reaches a wide number of viewers. Youtube is a popular website regularly used to promote all sorts of videos produced by both mainstream and independent producers. It is a successful website used by many people to get their videos  noticed by a large amount of people. Our film is shown on Facebook because a large amount of are target audience is on the social network site therefore they will have the opportunity to view the film because of the quick access they have. They can also leave comments which could benefit us if we create another thriller. 
The students psychological thriller film 'Drip' received  a far number of views(998)by people viewing the film on Youtube.  
Having recently checking the thriller film ' Drip' , I have found that it has increased in the number of views , giving a total number of views as (1003)

Below shows the audience feedback received for the film Drip. 

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