Monday, 21 March 2011

Filming ‘Nameless’ Day 3
My Evaluation:
Today (16th of March) was our last day of filming; we needed to film the last scene. Milan and Michaela collected the camera equipment after college at 3.00 p.m. myself and John arrived downstairs at the college basement and started to arrange the setting for the film.
We started by filming the scene where the three characters first realise they have all been called together to this building, they then see signs and writing on paper which leads them to the room where the unknown caller is.  This was filmed in front of the basement, we then moved into a room in the basement. This is where we filmed the scene where the unknown caller is revealed. For this scene we got an extra actor called Denzel to play the role of the unknown caller. He was the perfect choice as he cooperated well and understood his role very well. As Director I told Denzel what his role was and that he should try to build tension through his actions. What I meant by this is that Denzel should use the objects around him. He did this by pouring a white liquid on to the floor, doing scary actions with a wooden pole, and he spun a coin which created a sinister atmosphere. To match his disturbing movements I used the lighting to cast a shadow on the wall. When it comes to the editing I think we should do quick, cuts between when the three people enter the building and to the point where they enter the room. This will raise tension and build anticipation as the audience will expect to see this unknown person and the fast match cuts will create a anxious atmosphere.
Today was a really successful day of filming. We now edit our footage and create a rough cut.

Filming Equipment
White Liquid
Wooden Bat (Pole)
Camera attached Light
Unknown Building Tool
Light Equipment
Paper and Blue Board Pen

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