Monday, 28 March 2011

Question 6 -Audience feedback and comment

Our opening movie was shown today to our class, students aged 16 & 17. This was going to be the first time anyone has seen our opening so it was really important for us to get feedbacks because this movie is aimed for teenagers and adults so the audience today fitted well. We got a lot of positive feedbacks from the audience which was a great sign to our forthcoming opening which we will show to the whole media department. Our audience said to us our thriller opening looked professional and it had a great storyline that builded suspense throughout the whole film. The audience also commented on our greyscale which they noticed and thought it was great idea showing it at the beginning and only showing the colour red. Our group will be satisfied to know we did not get any bad remarks about our thriller opening which was a great relief.
I took most of our audiences comments which they wrote down and put it on a program called 'Wordle' which jumbles up the words and highlights the most effective comments.

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