Saturday, 19 March 2011

DAY 1 Filming

So today me and my group organized to basically film during the half term. We had our location set, the equipment  (Which included the two cameras to film and take photographs, a tripod and extra lighting. We also had an umbrella with us) and our storyboards.

When we arrived we buzzed into the bloc of flats and asked if we could be let in to film. The problems that occurred on the day was probably the fact that no one arrived on time because of issues with London Transport and people kept walking in and out of our shots. We were very friendly to the residents in the flat and left our equipment out of the way.

We decided to explore the building, so we went to the top floor. We discovered that there was a balcony overlooking Hoxton and Islington, in the future this could be good for aerial shots. With all of that said i think that DAY1 of filming was successful we took over 100 takes.

Here is a photograph of the preparation

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