Saturday, 19 March 2011

Creation of Sound Track

Today I took part in creating the sound track for our thriller.For the first half of our thriller opening we used a diegetic sound of a gunshot and then when you see the shot of the lift alerter we placed a diegetic sound of a lift coming down and the door opening, on top of this there are suspenseful strings and a textured SFX to create a dark atmospheric feel to the shot, straight after this the sound fades out and we see the title of the film 'Nameless'. 

We placed a diegetic sound of a mobile ringing and then you see one of the characters picking up the phone, on top of this sound you hear a very slow tempo piano sound in the background, we did this so that the audience could distinguish the differences between shots. 

When all of the characters meet we put another textured , suspenseful diegetic sound in the background but then we included sounds such as : coins dropping, smacking sounds , dripping sounds and sounds of the door closing. I wanted to place an explosion sound when the characters become shocked when they first meet in the basement to add to the intensity but my group members did not agree, instead we ended the clip with an explosion sound. I was very pleased with the finishing soundtrack product, i thought it worked well with all of our clips and made them more effective.

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