Thursday, 24 March 2011

Continuation Of Editing

In today's lesson, I had to create both credits and titles for our thriller opening sequence. I originally used Livetype to create both credits and titles but found that I was able to create credits and titles on Final Cut Pro ,which would be more easier for myself to edit as I would not have to use two different programmes. I also found that, I could automatically add the credit and titles straight to my film and I would not have to save each title and credit each time . 
Using the website ,I looked at a number of fonts. I then had to decide which font would be most suited for our thriller opening sequence and which fonts tied best with our action thriller genre. Both myself and Adam chose and downloaded the font called ' 7th service font' to use for our thriller opening sequence. 

Below shows a Preview of our font. 
We both felt that the font was a different font in comparison to the typical fonts you would expect to see in most thriller films. We also felt that the the font looked like an action font similar to the 'James Bond 007' font that you see within James Bond films. As our genre is Action thriller, we didn't want to use the stereo-typically horror/ thriller fonts as our thriller opening sequence is not a psychologically or scary thriller. We wanted our font to show what the purpose of the genre of the film is.

Below you will see the link between the ' 7th service' font and the 'James Bond 007' font

The use of the bold font used makes it memorable for the audiences watching the film to remember the name of the thriller and also remember the film on a whole. Through the use of the big,bold, heavy suggests that it will grab the audiences attention to the film. Also the use of capital letters makes it more memorable to the audience and also makes the title stand out making it more eye catching in comparison to other film titles.

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