Monday, 21 March 2011

Cancellation of Day 1 Filming
During the half-term holidays we planned to film our opening scene of our thriller opening sequence. Our group planned to film during the holidays as this would allow us enough time to edit and create a soundtrack. Moreover, I believed that the quicker we completed the filming we could get editing quicker and consequently if we needed to film again we would have enough time to book the camera again and film. And clearly the quicker you film and edit the less stress there is when it comes to the final deadline.
We arranged a date to film on Wednesday the 23rd of March.  I previously collected the equipment from college on Tuesday the 22nd of March. The equipment I collected included: a camera, an umbrella, a digital camera, two lights, a camera attached light, a speaker and a tripod. We met are planned Location as shown in our pitch. At arrival we were all dressed in role and prepared for our first day of filming. However whilst setting up the equipment we noticed that we didn’t have a battery and meaning we couldn’t film. We had a problem but instead of everyone going home we decided to use the time designated to the film to add further plans to our film.
Ideas and Further Plans:
·         We realised we weren’t even fully prepared to film that day as we hadn’t collected all the props we needed. Therefore Milan decided she would collect the fake blood as her role was Costume Designer she also told the rest of the cast what dress code they needed for the Film.
·         I started to plan how it was best to get all the shots into scenes and where they fitted with the story line. As Director I briefly showed the actors how I wanted them position and move during the film. This use of planning would in effect help improve our film as we realised some parts of our film wouldn’t be possible. For example originally when I thought of the idea, my vision was that a man would fall out of a lift. But I realised this idea could be improved if the man fell out of a lift. The thrill of a man falling out of the lift is way more thrilling then him falling out of a door.
·         Lastly we changed the name of the film from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Nameless’. Additionally we created a possible order of title sequences; this would allow us to save time when it came to creating the credits and placing them on the timeline.
During this time I also came up with the idea of creating a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video, this would not only go on our blog, but would show the preparation to the film. Moreover everyone could explain their role and voice their opinions on the filming process.

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