Saturday, 19 March 2011

Demos Of Scary Shots

Examples of Shots Used In Thriller Films

Close ups: The uses of close-ups are effective in a thriller, as they build up both suspense and tension for the audiences observing the action that is happening within the film. An example of an effective close-up is of a persons face or of a person holding an item in their hands. The use of this is effective as it grabs the audience’s attention to the action taken place as they wonder what the person is doing with that certain item. What are they going to do with that item? What is going to happen next to the character?

Medium shots: Allows the audience to see some of the character's surroundings, while also being able to have a good view of the character's facial expressions and see her actions. Being able to view the characters facial expression, we are able to label what character is good and who are the villains within the film.

Extreme Close Ups: Are also effective in a thriller as they hide the identity of a character as you only observe a physically feature of a character. This adds suspense to the audience as you question: Why are they hiding their true identity? What is their input in the film?

Over the shoulder shots: Is an effective shot used in thriller to create both suspense and tension for both the audience and for the character. This is because the character is unaware of what and who is behind them.

Long shots: Generally are used in thriller films to set the scene and, also show the audience where the action will be taking place for the upcoming events happening within the film.

Worms eye view/ Low angle Shots:  Are often used to show the movement of the character. This adds a sense of suspense to the audience as they are not able to see the identity of character only their feet. 

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