Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Creation of Characters
For our Thriller opening sequence we had to create names for our characters. This was to ensure that when creating credits and titles for our opening sequence our names did not appear twice. Below is an account of the characters story before the film and an insight into how their role and position with the film.

Main Characters (Appearing in opening sequence) : 
Denzel (On screen actor) - Grenado
Escoba (On screen actor) - Carlos Gomez

Featuring Cast (Appearing in opening sequence) :
Danielle Charles (On screen actor|) - Nicola Johnson
Anita Baker (On screen) - Latoya Jones 

Grenado - A man of clever thinking. He drags people into uncompromising positions. He represents danger and is a respected man across the city by peers of the business and underworld. 

Carlos Gomez: Represents a highly successful businessman who is dragged into a position that his persuasive techniques cannot get him out of. His life is put under serious threat and he has to find the other side of him before his successful career as a businessman, to relive him of the forever complicated life changing situation ahead of him. 

Nicola Johnson: A family women who provides for her two children through her city based banking job. She would never have imagined the danger she has entered. 

Latoya Jones: A property owner with mega deals and large financial backing. She is vital to her companies success but will she be successful getting out of the daunting situation ahead of her.?

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