Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Analysis of my Interviews:
Question 1:
From my first question I can see half of the participants preferred action thrillers as 5 chose it, 2 chose psychological, 2 also chose Romance and 1 chose Supernatural. This tells me that action thrillers are popular; therefore we have chosen a thriller genre that is popular.

Question 2:
From my second question I can see Black Swan was the thriller film watched my 8 of the 10 participants while 2 watched Inception. The surprising thing is that most people watch the blockbuster conglomerate made films rather than Independent British made thrillers.
Question 3:
The most popular thriller over the last four years was Inception, then Batman the Dark Knight.  Most people said Inception was their favourite because ‘it had you on the edge throughout the film’. And ‘the special effects really amazed me and they were confusing but so interesting and thrilling...’

Question 4:
The average age certificate of the thrillers the participants watched were 15. This indicates to me that we should make our thrillers age certificate 15.
Question 5:
Most participants agreed that the camera work, editing and soundtrack have to be to a good quality to make them feel like it’s a good film. They mentioned special effects as playing a role and said ‘lots of action scenes make a good thriller as it keeps the audience interested throughout’.
Question 6:
In action thrillers people expect to see ‘a lot of faced paced action scenes. There has to be constant movement and excitement’. They also believed special effects like explosions were important for building excitement, tension and audience interest.
Question 7:
The interviews had different views on their favourite thriller. 34chose Inception, 1 King Kong, 2 Jaws, 2 Batman the Dark Knight and 21 Jurassic Park

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