Sunday, 20 March 2011

Link between Inception & Lil’ Wayne’s ‘6’7”
Inception is a psychological thriller film, it was very successful and due to its success you would think other films would borrow ideas or aspects of the film. This is known as intertexuality, but it wasn’t a film that borrowed from Inception but instead a music video. Hype Williams is a music video director I like a lot and some of his best work has been with musician Kanye West for songs like ‘Heartless’ and ‘All of the Lights’. And although music and film are too different forms of media, intertexuality is used in Lil’ Wayne’s video ‘6’7. I don’t usually watch music channels on TV but a friend showed me this video. At first I didn’t really notice the link with inception because I wasn’t really interested in watching the video. However I later viewed it again and realised the link with inception.
Firstly the video starts with a Lil’ Wayne being slapped on the face as their trying to wake him up, the link with inception is clearly evident as Lil’ Wayne is dreaming in the same way Leonardo Di Caprio is in Inception. Then Lil’ Wayne falls backwards into a bath tub into the water. This is also the case in Inception as the same thing happens, the aim of this was to snap him out of the dream, but in the video it leads to the song starting. The other link to inception is a car seen where Lil’ Wayne and co are dreaming, it resembles the scene in Inception where the characters are doing exactly the same thing. The theme of the video is taken from Inception.
The last part that worked within the video is the way the lyrics were portrayed. Every line was shown by an action in the video. For example he says ‘I do it like a King do’ and then you see him dressed at a dinner table with a crown on. In our thriller film if we have voice over’s we could match the voice over with scene in the sense that the voice over supports what’s happening within the scene.
This video suprised me because you don't really see music videos borrowing direct scenes from a film.

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